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Mfg vs Modular Home

Mfg vs Modular Home

Mfg vs Modular Home


What's the difference between a manufactured and a modular home?

A modular home is constructed like a typical home, but it's built in a factory instead of on the living site. It's delivered to the living site on a trailer or flatbed truck—either all in one piece, or divided into panels or sections that are assembled on-site similar to building blocks. A modular home may be single or multi-storied and isn't subject to HUD standards, but must adhere to Uniform Building Codes like most homes and buildings. In short, a modular home is a typical home, but built in a factory and “installed” on a lot.

Pre-built homes are quickly emerging as a solid housing alternative to traditionally constructed homes. Purchasing a manufactured or pre-built home is becoming an option that will help consumers realize their dream of home ownership without the prohibitive cost of traditional homes that are built onsite.

Manufactured and modular are all significantly more affordable than site-built homes. The primary reason that these homes are constructed in one place is that it allows for controlled production costs. They are constructed inside a factory and therefore are also typically constructed in a fraction of the amount of time a site-built home is. There are fewer delays and unforeseen costs. The savings on construction costs are passed on to the consumer. This allows many consumers the chance at home ownership that otherwise they wouldn't have.

There are plenty of cosmetic and design options available, depending on the financing options and particular building company a buyer chooses. Homebuyers can choose from a wide array of building options, including exterior building materials and cosmetic features. Because one factory is responsible for the construction from start to finish, consumers have more options to customize a manufactured or even modular home. Modern manufactured and modular homes are nearly indistinguishable to site built homes now.

Typical Mobile Homes

A manufactured home is a mobile home. It's built on a steel undercarriage or chassis with a hitch and wheels, and can be made of a single unit or transported in several units that are joined together and attached to a foundation at the living site. Manufactured homes don't need to be built in accordance with the Uniform Building Codes that typical homes or buildings are subject to—instead, they are subject to the design and safety standards established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In short, a manufactured home is a home built on a movable structure, like a trailer.

Manufactured, Mobile, or Modular. Choosing the best option for you While the options for pre-built homes have come a long way in all categories, manufactured homes as well as modular homes have several clear advantages.

Manufactured homes and Modular homes have:

  • Design customization options available for consumers
  • The safety advantage of being inspected and constructed in one place, with consistency and efficiency
  • The low cost associated with being built off-site
  • All of these reasons are why manufactured homes are emerging as a great option for new homeowners.

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